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Metos Marine Combi steamer

Art. Nr: 4342010MK

SelfCookingCenter 61 400V

€ 8.439,00 Excl. BTW
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Capacity 6x GN1/1-65mm or 6x GN1/1-40mm, guide rail distance 68 mm

Metos SelfCookingCenter is a fully automatic cooking assistant which
cooks everything exactly how you want it. Metos SelfCookingCenter is the
first cooking system in the world to have real intelligence, guiding the
chef to excellent food quality at all times. It familiarises itself with
most used preferences and they can be accessed any time at the press of
a button.

Metos SelfCookingCenter is easy to use and guiding combi steamer. It
monitors each rack individually and controls cooking of different types
of foods at the same time on different guide rails. Automatic cooking
process reprogrammes the best path to your desired result depending on
the food. It makes all the necessary decisions and automatically sets
the temperature, the cooking cabinet climate and the cooking time. Every
adjustment is shown to you on the display with iCC Messenger. User only
needs to specify the food to be cooked and the desired result. Even with
full loads the result is always consistent. Best cooking results every
time regardless of the product temperature or the degree of filling of
the oven. Always perfect and consistent result because of the unique
intelligent processes of the Metos SelfCookingCenter.

The newest model is now even more effective. Enhanced cooking processes
diminish cooking losses even further. Energy saving and safe cleaning
programmes need around 30% less resources than the previous model.
Triple pane glass door saves up to 10% in energy costs.

- LED cooking cabinet lighting
- Visual LED signal points the right guide rail (option)
- Energy consumption display, for individual cooking process or per day
- Remote function with iPhone or Android, if SCC connected to network
- Triple pane glass door saves energy and minimises heat loss to kitchen
- Press-fit door gasket is more durable and easy to change
- Enhanced cooking processes and cleaning
- Cleaning agenda for automated weekly cleaning
- CombiDuo operation operates two ovens with one panel


iCC IntelligentCookingControl®
Automatic cooking processes check and adjust constantly optimal path to
your desired result. The process control measures the cooking cabinet
climate and food temperature and automatically sets the time,
temperature, humidity, fan speed and direction. This is only process
control to have real intelligence. Always perfect result, saving time,
energy and costs. With the iCC Cockpit the user is able to keep an eye
on what the cooking system is doing. It shows cooking cabinet climate
and the remaining cooking time, current food core temperature and set
core temperature. The iCC Monitor shows you when settings are reached
and process is optimised. iCC Messenger communicates automatic changes
to the user.

- 92 fully automatic cooking processes adopted to Finland, additionally
all international processes
- TOP-10 favourite processes shown
- Process selection based on raw material, cooking method and desired
result: applications for meat, poultry, fish, side dishes, egg dishes
& baked goods and automatic
- Record mode - determination of the ideal cooking path for calibrated
products using the core temperature probe for subsequent use without a
core temperature probe
- All named processes are stored and can be found and used again
- Multiple functions after cooking: warm holding, continue cooking and
new batch
- Manual use: 1200 pcs 12 step programmes. Recipe saving before cooking,
during cooking or after cooking.

The humidity is precisely measured using sensors in the cooking cabinet
and regulated to one percent accuracy in accordance with specifications.
Where required, the system extracts excess humidity or adds extra
humidity using the steam generator.
- Released moisture from food is counted
- Chamber actual humidity can be read from the screen
- 100% hygienic fresh steam generator, preserving food quality and
- Innovative vacuum technology quickly and efficiently dehumidifies the
cooking cabinet for crispy crusts and crunchy breading
- Guarantees maximum steam saturation even at low temperatures, such as
when poaching

iLC iLevelControl®
- Prepare different foods at the same time on different guide levels
without monitoring
- Shows on the display which dishes can be cooked together
- Drag & drop selection of cooking process from the library to the
aimed guide level
- Adjusts the cooking time depending on the load size and duration of
door openings
- Pre set iLC® programme baskets for different purposes, for instance

- Steaming: +30 °C…+130 °C
- Combination of steam and convection: +30 °C…+300 °C, humidity control
- Convection: +30 °C…+300 °C, humidification possibility
- Low temperature cooking, over night cooking, Delta-T and warm holding

- Detergent and Care tabs are solid detergents for optimum working
safety, no canisters nor hoses
- Maximum rack height 1600 mm when using an original stand
- U-profile rails ensure that grids and sheets cannot tilt when pulled
- Door handle with right/left and slam function
- Integral fan impeller brake
- Safety temperature limiter for steam generator and hot-air heating
- Triple-glazed door with heat-reflecting coating keeps the door surface
temperature low
- Integrated self emptying door drip tray, no water drips to floor

- Automatic cleaning and care system for cooking cabinet and steam
generator works regardless of the water pressure supplied
- Automatic cleaning prompts indicating the cleaning stage and volume of
chemicals in relation to the level of soiling
- Soiling and care status are displayed on the monitor
- Diagnostic system with automatic service notices displayed
- Self-Test function for actively checking unit's functions
- Integral, maintenance-free grease extraction system with no additional
grease filter
- Automated weekly cleaning for food safety
- Integrated Ethernet and USB port for HACCP data collection and
programme updates

Efficient CareControl®
- Cleaning, rinsing and drying fully automatically - unsupervised
cleaning and care even overnight
- 7 cleaning stages
- Detergent and Care tabs
- No water or detergent spraying
- Guiding display proposes suitable cleaning programme, based on degree
of dirt
- Cool-down function for fast cabinet fan cooling
- No moving parts or separate cleaning arms
- Optimised use of water and detergents
- Automatic cleaning and descaling of the steam generator during every
- Safety functions for water and power failures
- Cleaning time schedule based on operating hours and days ensures
sufficient but not too efficient cleaning

- Detergent and Care in concentrated tablet form, no unnecessary fluid
- Expensive and high-maintenance water softening is no longer necessary
- Energy consumption is minimised
- All parts can be recycled
- Durable and reliable appliance keeps its value

- 100% hygienic fresh and saturated steam generated fast and effectively
- No limescale in the chamber
- Efficient steam regulation

- Core temperature probe using 6 measuring points
- Automatic error correction
- Measure area 0 °C…+300 °C
- Positioning aid for probe and support for liquid foods included

- Cooking timer (hour/minute or minute/second)
- Pre-set starting time with adjustable date and time

- Reversing wheel fan with 5 fan speeds
- Intelligent adjustment of the direction and speed
- Fan impeller brake quickly stops the fan when the door is opened or
cooking process ends
- Dynamic air circulation in cooking cabinet and centrifugal grease
separator system collect fat to drain, no grease filter

"- 8.5"" colour touch screen is easy to use"
- Over 60 languages
- Central dial or display sliders for selection
- iCC Cockpit - overview of the current cooking chamber climate
- Guiding and self-explanatory symbols for ease of operation
- Application and user manuals can be called up on the unit display for
the current actions
- Different user rights - every user will only see what they should
- MyDisplay - all the functions you need
- Various options for alarm sounds, can programmed also between cooking

- 2016 version can be updated to Metos SelfCooking Center® 5Senses
- Cooking processes can be transfered via USB port in and out
- HACCP data collection, 10 previous day data saved
- From 03-2017 units equipped with Ethernet connection as standard

- Automatic pre-heat and cooling of the oven chamber
- ½ energy function
- Removable, swivelling hinging racks
- Material inside and out 304 (DIN 1.4301) stainless steel
- Hand shower with automatic retracting system
- For GN 1/1, 1/2, 2/3, 1/3, 2/8 containers
- 5 programmable proofing stages
- Automatic, pre-selected starting time with adjustable date and time

Accessories (not included in the price):
- GN Containers, trays, grids
- Special guide rails
- Mobile oven racks and trolleys
- Stands and cabinets
- Banquet system
- Mobile racks for baking
- Clean and care tabs
- LED signal lights to indicate level
- Exhaust hoods
- UltraVent® and UltraVent® Plus
- Heat shield for left hand side panel
- Grease drip container
- Wall Bracket for securing
- Catering kit handles and trolley
- KitchenManagement System

- Marine versions
- Left hinged door
- Integrated fat drain
- Safety door lock
- Sous-Vide core probe set
- 3x 2 core probe set
- Lockable control panel
- Connection to energy optimising systems